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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Practically Paper Piecing Blog Hop!

When I first heard about Kristy from Quiet Play and her plans for a paper piecing blog hop I was a little aprehensive. I hadn't ever tried paper piecing like this before and thought to myself - maybe this is something I can learn? Then my dear friend Sally said she would show me how and I figured it might be worth a go. I believe I even mumbled something about my failure being a warning to others - so here we go ;) I found a little block I thought I might like to try - a little intertwined block that had almost a celtic feel.
THIS IS NOT MY BLOCK!! This is the one Sally made first to make sure she could show me how. It is made up of 4 pieces, which are then pieced together. I made 2 sections with Sal and then attempted the other two at home, all by myself.... Sal's block looks awesome - mine however is another story. So much another story that I am not going to show you, because it is kinda embarrassing just how badly I failed at it.... BUT I had signed up, so I needed to work out how to do this some how. I googled 'easy beginners paper piecing quilt block' and was blown away by the options, most of which really didnt look all that easy lol! I came across this on about page 5. I have a hubby who is mad on model aeroplanes and a little boy who wants to be just like his Dad (Bob help me!) so I figured an aeroplane I might be able to use somehow! IMG_3860 I did it!!! Ok, it has a few issues, like this: IMG_3889 (Let's pretend that I didn't mess that up ok?) So what to make with an aeroplane block? I considered a bag, pillow, quillow, quilt - all boring when it comes to original ideas for an orphan block. I don't really remember how it came about but someone suggested making it into a shirt. Then I wondered about a quilted vest, something to keep the little mister warm while flying with Dad. IMG_3883 A close up of the block and quilting - it could be worse right? I have only just finished hand sewing down the binding and my little boy is sleeping so an action shot will have to wait until morning (I will grab one in the morning and pop it up sometime tomorrow afternoon if you happen to feel like popping back to see it lol). But I had fun, despite my early 'mishaps' - thankyou ladies for the opportunity to try something new!!! And don't forget to check out tomorrow's stop on the Blog Hop Train - The Textile Diva!! Edited to add: Mr 8 is in a MOOD this morning and doesn't want to play, this is the best I could get lol! Will try for another when he is in a better mood! IMG_3913