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Friday, October 1, 2010

Unexpected beauty

Sometimes you find the most unexpected things in an unexpected place.


As most of you know, I drive a lot for work. And I mean A LOT. On one of my regular trips, I travel to Moree, about 3.5 hours from home, and I more often than not drive home again at the end of the day.
I try and break my trips up a bit, trying to stop every couple of hours, just to take a walk around the car to stretch my legs. There is a beautiful lookout on the road to Moree, about 5 kms the other side of Warialda. I stop there fairly regularly, as it is about then that I feel the need to stretch a little.
The view is amazing. On a clear day, you can see for miles. The landscape is beautiful, especially at this time of year, with paddocks full of blooming crops, the lush greens of wheat and chickpeas, and the gorgeous golden yellow of canola, it looks just like grandma's handmade patchwork quilt.
You get used to seeing yellow on the side of the road out there at this time of the year. Over seeding of canola crops and the wild canola that grows by the side of the are fairly common. So to see yellow flowers you would be fairly safe to assume that they are the little yellow pea shaped canola.
But every so often, you should take time to actually look at the flowers, they might just be something you where not expecting.

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  1. take the time to smell the flowers Em - life is a series of moments strung together across time and space to create our memories .....