Hoot Family

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Happy List

Inspired by the wonderful Beckyetal I have decided I should do a happy list too. There have been times recently, when Happy has not been here, but we all have things that make us happy, even if it is something little.

My Little Emo's. Some days they make me cranky, some days they make me sad, some days they make me laugh and some days they make me feel old, but when they are not looking, they mostly make me happy,

My Fibre Obession. Whether it is dyeing or knitting or crochet or spinning, the quiet time in my head is always welcome and always makes me happy.

My newly remembered, but long forgotten sewing obsession. I used to sew out of necessity, kids clothing, curtains for the house, library bags for school, but now, I sew because I like too, not because I have to, and that makes me happy,

And finally, my friends, without whom life would not be so happy :) Thanks Girls.