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Monday, February 7, 2011

A little boy's new bestest friend

We had a visitor over night last night.


He had a dodgey wing that looked as though someone had taken a big bite. He was hiding in the long grass (which hasnt been mowed in AGES!) in our back yard and was spotted by Mr7. Mr7 apparently had been following him for about 15mins before he was certain it was safe to come and get Mum. So Mum, armed with a broom and a towel, preceeded to chase this little guy around the back yard, trying not to hurt him, but trying to catch him under the towel without getting hurt herself. Once we had him wrapped in a towel, we called WIRES, who told us we needed to keep him over night and drop him off to the Creeklands Vet in the morning. Alex gave up a toy box, we found some wire that we had used for keeping the old cat out of the fishtank, found some little dishes and tried to keep him warm and comfy.


A phone call to the Vet this afternoon and he is ok. He will get better, no broken bones but a lot of broken skin, and more than a few missing feathers, but he will get better. He is going to stay at a carers house in Uralla for a while 'til he is feeling better, then he will be let go. But we can go and visit him on the weekend, just so Alex can say Hi ;)


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