Hoot Family

Friday, December 30, 2011

A new family member

Say Hi to Fluffy Jo!

Fluffy Jo (or The Brabbitt as the oldest child calls her) came to us at Christmas time. She is Alex's pet, which of course means that Daddy and I feed/water/clean up/look after her, but we are working on that ;) She lives in her hutch, but also likes spending time inside on the couch and snuggling into peoples necks but not when Charlie the Cat is inside (yeah, we are working on that too).

Alex was very excited when she arrived last Sunday, a plan very well executed by Hubby and I as he had no idea despite secret dawn trips, borrowing work vans to move the hutch from one side of town to Dad's work for sealing then back our house via X-trail and ocky-straps for hiding before the big day. Even Jess was impressed that we had managed to keep it all a secret! I was just glad we managed not to loose the hutch out of the back of my car!

And a special thankyou to Max and Mason for plotting a scheme that would get Alex's room clean which would mean that he could get a rabbit, even if Alex's Mum and their Mum probably wouldn't have been able to be distracted long enough for it to be carried out ;)