Hoot Family

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day Four: A New Toy

Owen was lucky enough to be gifted a new toy for Christmas. I think I am going to love it just as much if not more than he does. A bread maker!

It arrived today and we HAD to try it pretty much as soon as we got home. Our first loaf was nothing special, a packet mix from the supermarket, White Crusty bread but Damn, it tastes good! The crusty ends are my favourite bits!

It is late and the kids are well and truely asleep, hopefully there will be some left in the morning for them to try. Maybe....


  1. I love mine too, and the Laucke mixes are really good! The soy and linseed is my fave.


  2. I love ours. I never buy bread anymore. As Tara says, Laucke is very good, I just get the plain white in large fabric bags.

  3. Woo hoo a breadmaker! You can't go wrong with the Laucke mixes and supplies. But you will have to give a sour dough starter a go too!